My Ethnicity / Race / Class / Culture

What is this?: What is your full identity? What part did your unique ethnicity, race, class, and culture play in your educational growth? What is your role in multiculturalism? What's evident from the outside may influence your inner mechanisms / psychological growth. Understanding your cultural, ethnic, racial, and economical background will give you more insight into where you stand in society.

Things to think about: Has being a person from your race influence your self identity and/or the course of your life decisions? Do you identify as an American or with a different nationality? How has your own perspectives been influenced by how you're perceived by others / the general population?

Documentations / Proof: Do you have an creative product of your identity? Can you proudly identity with your respective gender, race, class, culture? Prove it. Can you wear your labels and defend them? Who are you? Are there there an cultural artifacts you'd like to share?