My Educational History

What is this?Your educational milestones. You're the product of your education. To understand your current educational standing, it's important to look back. How did you develop as a student (e.g. from back when you were in kindergartner, to middle-schooler, to higher schooler, were there any patterns?). What's been your prior educational experience? Take us through the different chapters in your educational history.

Things to think about: What were your educational influences? Did you attend public / private school? Were tracked by the school system? What type of assessments were you put through? What was the outcome of your learning? What were your parent's/ family's values on education for you? Did anyone inspire / influence you? Were there any subjects that you've always done well in?

Documentation / Proof: To demonstrate your insights, include of your certificates, awards, transcripts, photos from graduations passed, IEPs, etc. Be creative about what you've learned about yourself when you reflected on your educational history.